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"Not only was I surrounded by industry professionals during my time at AAPA, I was in fact immersed in the industry itself. Whilst at AAPA I was offered many fantastic opportunities that not only bettered me as a performer, but as a person. I was able to make industry connections and life long friends in an encouraging and professional environment."

- Chloe Finlay

"To the current students at AAPA, I have one piece of advice; don’t hold back. The only way you’ll get anything out of this year is if you let yourself be immersed into the wonderful world of theatre. You have such an incredible journey ahead of you, and such a wonderful legacy to follow."

- Emmerson Madden


"At AAPA, it isn’t just a industry professional musical theatre coarse, were a family. During the year, the teachers not only teach you the best of the best but they also support you and are by your side during the journey. Would 100% recommend to everyone who is interested in musical theatre, and learning what it’s like to be in the industry."

- Britney Dale


"It is the perfect course to gain an understanding of how the professional theatre industry operates." 

- Clark Byron-Moss


"AAPA is one of the few places I truly feel safe and accepted for who I am."

- Hillary Herbert


"The course at AAPA does so much more than build your skills in singing, dancing and acting - it develops you as a person in a safe a encouraging environment and gives you skills you can use in all aspects of life."

- Felicity Dalmay

"Without AAPA, I wouldn’t have been able to find out what I’m truly capable of and where my deepest passions lie, whilst also making sincere and beautiful connections with people that I’ll have for a lifetime."

- Taylah McLennan


"I flew across the country to find my tribe and be with people who are passionate about all the same things I am. There isn't a course like this anywhere else in Australia! Wouldn't change a thing!"

- Georgia Lewis


"I love the sense of community and comradery. We are all incredibly supportive and encouraging in the journey we share."

- Courtney Farrar


"AAPA is such an amazing life-changing experience! Even if you think you’ve got some knowledge about this industry, you will certainly be blown away with lots of more things you didn’t know! And later, if you decide not to pursue a career in the arts, you will definitely learn valuable skills that will apply in general life!"

- Keziah Dios Santos


"Every single day at AAPA is like coming home to your second family. A passionate, supportive and talented musical theatre family that helps you grow not only as a performer but as a human."

- Bella Gaskin