Session: The Next Right Thing

Well a very hearty hello to you all,

In the interest of being socially responsible, I have decided to cancel all face to face sessions whilst we are looking at staying home and flattening the curve. I think it's the 'next right thing'. (I'm now going to go watch frozen 2).

I will be moving to an online system if you are still wanting sessions. This will mean you email me your sheet music for me to record and then teach / workshop via skype/zoom. Everything that a session looks at 'music theory, song cutting, song workshopping, auditions prep, song backings' etc.. anything can still happen online. It'll be different, but it can all still happen. Send me an email to book WITH your sheet music so I can send you a backing track of either your cut, or the whole song if you are wanting to work out a cut with me.

Also if you need a backing track (without a 'session'), that is something you can book in too. Send me your sheet music and I'll send you the backing track.

Stay safe everyone and I can't wait to get back into it :). LIFT BREATHE GO

Also, could you please spread the word

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