Ellen Reed a finalist on THE VOICE

Congratulations to Ellen Reed, who graduated BAMT in 2010 and has scored a place in the top three finalists of this year's season of THE VOICE.

"We always knew that Ellen was an extraordinary talent," says Head of BAMT, Su Wilkinson. "She has one of the most powerful voices we've ever had the pleasure of training, so it's no surprise to see her winning such accolades up there on THE VOICE stage."

While Ellen studied at BAMT, she also performed in BAMT's production of PRYDON PAIRS and took part in Harvest Rain's 25th anniversary concert celebration at QPAC. Since graduating, she has also enjoyed much acclaim as part of Oscar Theatre Company's BOY GIRL series.

"Ellen is a star, through and through," says producer and BAMT founder, Tim O'Connor. "The success and notoriety she is now enjoying as a finalist on THE VOICE is so well deserved. With a voice like hers, there is no doubt what she has been put on this earth to do. Sing, sing, sing! I'm so glad that the nation is now getting to know what we've all known for years; Ellen is one of the best young vocal talents in this country!"

Congratulations, Ellen. You get our vote!