AAPA students workshop new musical!

This year, AAPA's musical theatre students have had the privilege of working with celebrated composer Bradley McCaw on a development of his new musical, THE OASIS.

The musical centres around a group of disconnected teenagers stumble upon a hidden ‘Oasis’ on the grounds of their school. Here the pure land unconsciously sends a wave of positive change through each of them. When they discover the towns plan to destroy the land to build a new gas mine, each student is forced to overcome their own destructive view of themselves and decide to stand and fight for something they believe in.

This presentation is the result of a co-development between AAPA & Old Fashioned Productions. Bradley McCaw says:

"After years of writing and various workshops, it's been a privilege of to work every day with this incredible cast of students from AAPA, bringing the work to its first complete full draft! Developing a new musical is a unique adventure and the first full presentation is always a special milestone in it's journey to stage."

The development workshop will be presented for public viewing at the Hayward Street Theatre on Thursday 26th May 7.30pm. Tickets are available at www.haywardstreet.com.au/theoasis